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Apr 11

After a bit of a delay, here one of my favorite comics that I made for my mini comics class! It was part of an box set, where the theme of the project was desserts. The cover was screen printed, and I’m very happy with how that came out as well, so I’ll be posting pictures of the finished product, but for now, enjoy!

Mar 2

Welcome, new followers!

It was wonderful to see you all at the Mini-Comics Expo!

A quick note about this blog: it is currently undergoing some rennovations, but I hope to be posting a lot more to here soon!

In the meantime, lunchbreakdraw is a collaborative blog I participate in (I post on Mondays), and I highly suggest that you follow it. Some very talented other artists are making some really cool stuff there. 

Aug 15

Some skulls drawn at AX 2013.

Aug 6


And here it is, with the tail fixed! 

Jul 8

Hello Everyone!

Anime Expo was a blast this weekend, and I’m still recovering! If I say you there or you are following me because you stopped by, feel free to say hi! 

I am going to begin working on the one commission I took home tomorrow once I’ve had a chance to recover and my computer decides to function properly, and after that I’ll be making an updated commission post! In addition, I want to get some feedback about what to post here on the blog! Should I go back to daily sketch commissions, interspersed with larger projects? Should I just post finished pieces? Would you like to see me do more daily memes?

Feel free to leave some feedback!

Jul 4
Hey everyone! I am at AX, Artist Alley table I13, so stop by if you’re going this weekend!

Hey everyone! I am at AX, Artist Alley table I13, so stop by if you’re going this weekend!

Jun 28

Day 27:

Do they believe that a person can redeem themselves from mistakes of the past?

Definitely! Nellie does believe in second chances and people changing.
What scares them?

The idea of being trapped, or confined, or restrained. In a very real way, she is unnerved by the slave trade, as she often sees people literally in shackles.
How do they feel about death? Have they been significantly affected by it?

She tends to not think about it often, mostly BECAUSE she is so surrounded by it. She believes in no specific religion, but she does believe everyone possesses energy that is released when they die, so that death is a type of release. And with that said, she fights very hard to not die. 

Jun 26

Day 26

Do the ends justify the means in their eyes?

This question is difficult, but for her the general answer is yes. She will do unsavory things to reach her goals.

Are they a leader or a follower? Why?

Nellie is very much a leader; she has the capacity to be level headed in the most dangerous situations, and she is competent and charismatic. She also tends to refuse to follow other people.
What do they feel responsible for? (Ex. I owe it to the world to do this.)

She feels responsible for the safety and wellbeing of her crew. 

Day 25:

What is one thing they feel strongly about?

Nellie feels very strongly about freedom. The ideas of being able to fully explore yourself and world around you are important to her, and is a concept very central to her personality.
One trait they admire?

Nellie admires people who can be candid and frank. She doesn’t like people who hide behind layers of subtext, and she feels the strongest about people who can speak plainly.
What disturbs them?

Lack of sympathy is something that honestly disturbs Nellie. People who cannot imagine the feelings of another human being, or who choose not to, are the type of people that Nellie always ends up in conflicts with, and it stems from her unease around that mentality. 

Jun 14

Day 13:

Where (and when) did they grow up? How did they view it as a child, and did that change as they matured? How do they feel about the place now?

Nellie grew up in a port city, very close to the shipping district. She liked the closeness to the sea, and the hustle and bustle, but there was a lot of what she thought was senseless violence and oppression, which made her yearn for freedom. Now, she tends to avoid the seedier places of the ports she visits because they remind her too much of her childhood.

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